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Empowering Medical Excellence: Generator Install

By Alterra Power Systems
1 year ago
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The Alterra Power Systems team is thrilled to share the successful completion of our latest project at a new Medical Center in Frisco, TX. This endeavor allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in providing reliable power solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of medical facilities.

Our team took on the challenge of installing a 60kW Standby Diesel Generator with a custom 2085 fuel tank. Understanding the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply in medical settings, we meticulously designed and implemented the system to ensure seamless operations during emergencies.

HIPOWER's HDI 60F T6U generator was chosen for the project. This generator, designed specifically for standby power applications, proved to be an excellent fit for the medical facility's requirements. Furthermore, we custom-designed the generator fuel tank to meet the needs of the customer and local regulations. Throughout the installation process, our experienced team worked diligently to ensure the generator package not only met all safety standards but also complied with the stringent testing criteria.

Our commitment to customization and attention to detail enabled us to fulfill the specific requirements of the new Medical Center. By leveraging our expertise in custom power solutions, we provided the medical center with a reliable power system that seamlessly integrated into their infrastructure. We take great pride in our ability to tailor power solutions to the unique demands of our clients. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering high-quality, customized power solutions that support uninterrupted operations in medical facilities.

Our team at Alterra Power Systems remains committed to empowering medical excellence by providing reliable and customized power solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities, and we are leading the way in providing cutting-edge power solutions to meet this industry's evolving needs. For more information on our generators, contact one of our Alterra experts today!

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